Colin O'Shaughnessy

Hans Verveer

Marcel Zakonski

Matthew Rigby

DOB: 10/05/1997
From: Rochdale, UK
Qualified: November 2011
NRLB Debut: June 2017

Moray Gilland

DOB: 31/05/1970
From: Leith, UK
Qualified: March 2016
NRLB Debut: May 2017

Misa Vakadranu

DOB: 11/02/1977
From: Suva, FIJ
Qualified: November 2012
NRLB Debut: April 2016

Roelof Vredeveld

Szymon Jankowicz

Thomas van Gorkum

DOB: 23/07/1981
From: Schiedam, NED
Qualified: June 2014
NRLB Debut: April 2016


The Nederlandse Rugby League Bond are currently on the lookout for talented people to take up officiating.

As an inclusive sport, the NRLB welcomes applications from everyone and has a commitment to progressing towards achieving greater inclusivity across the sport. We therefore strongly encourage applications from anyone who is interested in taking up the whistle of flag to officiate in our domestic leagues. There is also opportunities along the way with an accessible pathway for emerging Match Officials to progress all the way to the top of the game including Internationals!

If you are interested in becoming a match official, please contact us at, and we will advise the upcoming courses and get you booked in accordingly. 

The NRLB will then continue to work with you in your development by holding group training nights, getting senior or mentor officials to watch any games you are officiating and having a network of officials to speak to regularly about officiating.