NRLB Nines Week 3 Roundup

NRLB Nines Week 3 Roundup

The final week of the NRLB Domestic Nines competition took place on Saturday. The last of the three week tournament was hosted by the Amsterdam Cobras at the Zaandijk Rugby Club, with five clubs competing. Unfortunately, the Dordrecht Griffins did not compete as they were unable to field a squad.

Kicking the round off, was our leaders, Den Haag Knights taking on local rivals, Rotterdam Pitbulls. Den Haag took the win which would see them go on to reach the top of the table, winning all four matches on the day. 

The final spots were confirmed late on with four clubs separated by just three points at the end. It would be the hosts Amsterdam Cobras facing off against table leaders, Den Haag Knights in the final. The Knights reigned supreme, picking up there first 9’s tournament at the first attempt. 


Amsterdam Cobras – A McDonald, B Advokaat, B Tjalma, B Dasdemir, D van Rossum, D Air, D Islip, D Schram, F Appleton, J Adams, J Gallagher, J de Boer, J Wagemaker, K Peperkamp, K Schoen, L Mudde, P Miguel Cuen Soto, R Mugie, T Ruts

Den Haag Knights – C Magis, D Walenkamp, F Longhurst, H Wragg, I Boersma, I Ijmkers, J Magis, J Blok, J Kahana, L Gout, M Heijnen, P Dirkzwager, R Goldman, R Bennie-Coulson, W Oudheusden

Harderwijk Dolphins – D de Ruiter, D Wagter, G van den Heuvel, J Kroeze, J van Poolen, L Willems, M van den Broek, M Schneider, M Zakonski, M Dekker, O Rode, R Kisolo Kiganda, R Gruitroij, R Stuifzand, S Botterblom, T Rode

Rotterdam Pitbulls – A Idzerda, B Dommershuijsen, B van der Schoot, E Neves, E de Werk, G van Bochove, K van Oost, J Timisela, J Brugghe, L Tahamata, Ma Slingerland, P Agyateng, P Boyayo, P Daly, R Posthuma, S van Ooyen, S van der Linde, T Anim-Somuah, T van Gorkum, U Bremen

Zwolle Wolves – B van Bodegraven, C Regterschot, D de Jong, D Strik, J Zwanink, K Kuijpers, K Ubro, L Renac, M Gomez Pazos, N Frelink, O Vunderink, P Kuijpers, S Heijs, S Beroeatwarin

Match Officials – M Gilland, C O’Shaughnessy, F Zakonski, M Vakadranu


Rotterdam Pitbulls 04-22 Den Haag Knights

Zwolle Wolves 04-06 Amsterdam Cobras

Den Haag Knights 26-04 Harderwijk Dolphins

Zwolle Wolves 16-16 Rotterdam Pitbulls

Harderwijk Dolphins 00-16 Amsterdam Cobras

Den Haag Knights 22-14 Zwolle Wolves

Zwolle Wolves 20-04 Harderwijk Dolphins

Rotterdam Pitbulls 04-16 Amsterdam Cobras

Harderwijk Dolphins 10-06 Rotterdam Pitbulls

Amsterdam Cobras 04-32 Den Haag Knights


Den Haag Knights 24-10 Amsterdam Cobras

The NRLB would like to pay tribute to all three of our hosts for their assistance in ensuring the matches went ahead in the most enjoyable and safest way possible.

Furthermore, our referees have been incredible for the NRLB and clubs over the past month, in their first runnout in over two years, they have done a fabulous job and done everyone proud.

Photography courtesy of Kevin Scott.

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